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50+ Years Of Experience In The Travel Industry

TravelBlock will introduce the new generation of travel by eliminating the traditional Global Distribution System and going through the blockchain. By taking this route there will be significant advantages over utilizing existing frameworks and applications. It's low cost, secure, immutable, irreversible and transparent for the public.

By being part of TravelBlock using your (TRVL) tokens, you will have an average of 30% to 60% discount on your vacation needs, through our private consumer platform available only to (TRVL) token holders. Thanks to strategic affiliations, travel providers, and direct negotiations we are able to offer wholesale rates direct to the public and offer the best possible pricing. We assure you that wherever your travels lead you to, you'll always get what you want, where you want, when you want it.

White Paper

Working Platform

We have a fully functional platform ready to be used after the TRVL token sale where you can book all your travel needs! Such as stays at private resorts, flights, cruises and more!

Featured Products
Travel all around the world
Access to vacations world wide such as Norway, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, United States and more!
One stop booking
Book hotels, cruises, flghts, cars, etc.
Lower rates
Access to closed consumer group rates.
Seamless payment
You can use your TRVL tokens or FIAT currency to book vacations.
Amazing Features

World class vacations

Being well established we've partnered up with some of the industry leaders to serve customers in all corners of the world with ease. Book online through TravelBlock and within minutes you’ll be earning rewards for your vacations. Go wherever you desire and with our premiere concierge service you’ll never look back!

+350,000 Hotels

Pick from a wide array of an ever-growing list of hotels in popular destinations (Over 14 million hotel rooms).

All major Cruise Lines

Glide through the waters of the five oceans, river cruises and luxury cruises.

Access to 9,300 Private Resorts

Giving you access to the world's most luxurious members only resorts.

World Wide Tour Operators

The six continents are open for the adventures of a lifetime. Go anywhere, any place, anytime.

Why choose us

OTA's (Online Travel Agents) have dominated the market for over 20 years giving consumers headaches for years by attaching hidden fees, giving you a false sense of savings where there really is none due to the OTA agreements that are in place to make sure these companies can never compete against each other, and the use of predictive analytics to boost rates on your vacation based on how many times you search for a specific flight or click on a link. TravelBlock will fix these problems to make sure the consumer will save time and money on your next trip.

No Hidden Fees

TravelBlock will not have the user pay any hidden fees such as processing and cancellation.

Private Consumer Group

Our TRVL token allows us to become a Closed Consumer Group so we can negotiate far better rates than any OTA on the market today by 30% - 60%.

No price gouging

Shady algorithms that track your clicks and searches so OTAs can raise the price on you based on your interest will not happen at TravelBlock.

Creative Design

Some of our travel platform affiliates

Token sales and terms

Total supply: 600,000,000 TRVL Tokens


0.1 ETH


250 ETH

Gas limit:


Emission Rate:
No new tokens will ever be created
Hard Cap:



Soft Cap:




Stage 1
TOKEN PRE-SALE 3/3/2018 - 4/18/18. 60,000,000 Tokens at 11.5 cents + 15% bonus:

$6,900,000 Total

Stage 2
TOKEN SALE June 18th to July 18th. 180,000,000 Tokens at 14 cents + 10% bonus:

$25,200,000 Total


Will be left for the TOKEN SALE stages(10% for TOKEN PRE-SALE 60MN, 30% for TOKEN SALE 180MN)


For TRVL Program 120MN


For Bounties and/or Promotional Campaigns 120MN


Reserved Tokens 120MN




Douglas Saunders

Co-Founder and CEO
Chief visionary in charge of strategy & mission planning. Overseer of daily operations. Douglas started work at Chateau Lake Louise in Canada and quickly moved up the ranks in the industry. He’s been in Executive positions for multiple hotel brands across North and Central America, and over the past decade has been using his wealth to invest into various successful ventures.

Jeff Bredy

Co-Founder and COO
For many years Jeff has been managing Sales teams and working directly with hotels. He started out his career on a football scholarship in Hawaii and was signed to the Montreal Alouettes to play professionally. After sustaining an injury, he began selling recreational vehicles to corporate clients until he saved up enough money to fund other ventures.

Steve Knight

VP / Director of Business Development
Steve founded a $13M furniture and flooring retail business and ran that for a decade. He’s worked 18 years in travel in Executive positions. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics while studying in California. Has extensive experience managing Sales teams and running companies.

Marketing Team

Our Technical Prowess


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